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Mom Jeans

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Some how mothers always know best. It doesn’t matter what it is… they can tell which boys are trouble before you even start to suspect it, they always know how to take those mysterious stains out of your clothes, and they are always right when they say you’re wearing a littleeee too much makeup (i always hate that most).

Moms were also really right about one thing in particular. Ages ago, before low rise jeans and jeggings, MOM JEANS were worn on the regular. These jeans have no stretch (they’re only downfall, but also part of what makes them great) and hit at your true waist, something we’ve all forgotten about.

I was lucky enough to find a pair of vintage Calvin Klein’s at my local Good Will and I am in love. For less than $10 I am able to relive a better time. A time when jeans showed off your waist and weren’t skin tight. Plus, you never have to worry about some unwanted skin peeking out, if you catch my drift… and of course they make your butt look amazing. Who doesn’t want that?

Moms had it so right.