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Lately Loving: LUSH

I’ve always been a fan of LUSH. Every now and again I would walk in to my local store, sniff e v e r y t h i n g, and grab a little treat. My go to had always been No Drought, their powdered dry shampoo. It smells like citrus and really works. It lasts forever because I’m not wasting so much of it with every application like a spray, and it doesn’t give my hair a weird texture. But thats not the point of this post.

I have sensitive skin. It sucks. Its something I have to deal with and its not always easy to find products that are good for me. And after a crazy (I mean so intensely crazy its gross) stress episode last semester, my face turned into that of an awkward 13 year old. Honestly, at 20 years old my face looked worse than it did when it was supposed to look bad, when everyone else’s did too. I didn’t want to start lathering chemicals all over my face in fear of becoming irritated and making my situation worse. So LUSH popped into my head. Duuuhhh. Its all natural, so its going to be gentle.

I took to YouTube (as I do whenever I’m researching products) and found that people really liked their products and didn’t find them harsh. So naturally, I was convinced. I wrote up a list of exactly what I needed (very type A) and marched to my local LUSH store. The girl there was so helpful and even suggested some product swaps that would be better for my skin.

Good news is my face is MUCH clearer. Better news is that my new routine costs less than any other remedy I tried in the past, and doesn’t dry out my skin or leave it irritated. I’m just addicted to their products especially their fresh face masks. (Hey if you bring back 5 empty containers you get a free fresh face mask so that makes it okay. right?!)

I’ll just list what I tried, and whats my favorite. For more information just visit a LUSH store or their website!

Herbalism Face + Body Cleanser: probably the only product I didn’t LOVE. Its very subtle, and I found a cleanser that I like more for my face. I now use this in the shower on my body and to rinse my face.

Fresh Farmacy: the cleanser I prefer for my face. It’s more like a bar of soap, and I just feel really clean afterwards. I use this when I wake up and before I go to sleep

Tea Tree Water: I had never really used a toner before, but now I use this after I wash my face. It keeps me from being oily and I love it. Sometimes I just use it throughout the day. It keeps me feeling fresh.

Vanishing Cream: I have yet to purchase this because its a bit of an investment, especially for a cream. I have definitely had terrible relationships with facial moisturizers in the past, so I asked for a sample before I made a commitment. I love it. I just apply a little bit after my toner, then apply my makeup. Its very light and doesn’t leave me oily

Grease Lightning: I use this as a spot treatment on blemishes. It is subtle and doesn’t have harsh chemicals like other treatments I’ve tried. Therefore, its not as effective, but that’s fine for my sensitive skin.

Rub Rub Rub: I know this isn’t for my face but, I love it so I’m including it. I experienced a little bit of a sunburn accident (I use spf I promise!!) and started peeling. Gross, I know. The girls at lush suggested this. It comes in bar form or in a container. Opted for the bar because I only needed a little and figured it would be easier to handle. I’m certainly not one for floral scents but this smells SO good. It makes my skin feel incredibly soft and smooth. I love using it in the shower before bed

Here’s my favorite part; Masks!!!
I love face masks, I think I always have. They just make me feel good, and its a good ritual before bed. I don’t apply them every night (so lazy sometimes) but probably every other night.

Love Lettuce. It has crushed almonds that works as a natural exfoliant! (you have to keep this in the fridge.. so its super cool when you apply it)

Cupcake: I was so reluctant to use this because it smells like chocolate and that just seems gross to me. But when I went for a new Love Lettuce, they were out and suggested this. Its really good for blemishes and I feel like I can instantly see a difference in the appearance of my face. So I think this is my new favorite. (Keep this in the fridge too!)

Mask of Magnaminty: very tingly. Not my favorite because it’s so so tingly. However, I just bought the self preserving version because apparently its less tingly, and I won’t be able to bring my fresh face masks with me on my upcoming road trip!

I couldn’t resit a few more purchases when I went in for some more Fresh Farmacy and Mask of Magnaminty. Just some treats for my crazy trip that’s right around the corner. Here’s what I picked up

Sunny Day: detangling spray because my hair is seriously knotty

Cup O’ Coffee: I’ve been wanting a coffee scrub, so I picked up this mask for the mornings which has coffee grinds in it! I’m very excited to try it out

Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars: a little treat for my road trip

Phew! That was a long list. I told you I’m addicted. I’d love to know if you’ve tried any LUSH products and how you feel about them! Let me know in the comments below!

All opinions are my own. I am not sponsored by LUSH and have not received any free or discounted products. Just sharing some of my new faves!

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Travel BEAUTY Essentials

While my normal makeup routine isn’t very extensive (I truly don’t have the time or patience, but man I wish I did) it still requires too much “stuff” to lug around. So for short trips especially, I have consolidated my beauty routine into 6 simple items that are perfect for an everyday look and easy to carry around!

No.1 Playsticks by Benefit Cosmetics 

I’ve recently discovered this foundation, and let me tell you, it is a dream. It provides the right amount of coverage and is applied like a stick/clay but transforms into a powdery finish. Honestly perfect for traveling, I apply it with my fingers or a wet makeup sponge. Oh and it smells like tea tree oil which is definitely a plus!

No.2  Amazonian 12hr Clay Blush in Natural Beauty by Tarte Cosmetics

I really love a lot of Tarte products, and while I’ve tried various “travel” blushes like tints or cremes, I can’t seem to part from this blush. This color is my favorite and provides the perfect pink glow that lasts all day.

No.3 They’re Real Push-Up Liner by Benefit Cosmetics

This liner helps me achieve the perfect cat eye and truly lasts. Unlike other liners that I’ve tried, it is pretty water resistant and doesn’t smudge. Also it has a pretty interesting applicator and is more of a creme/gel, definitely not a felt tip.

Available in a travel mini!

No.4 Chinese New Year Couture Pallete by Yves Saint Laurent

I love to splurge on Yves Saint Laurent goodies, it’s my weakness. But regardless this palette really offers a great set of colors that can take you from day to night. I’ve even used some colors as liners! (I really can’t resist a black, bold wing tip though!)

No.5 Roller Lash by Benefit Cosmetics

I am a huge fan of mascara. Honestly if I could only choose one type of eye makeup, that would be it. And since I am such a huge fan, I have quite a few favorites; however, I recently tried this one and it is great. Roller Lash really does give my lashes a lot of lift with no clumps whatsoever.

Available in a travel mini!

No.6 Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer

Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer is 100% my go-to lip product for travel. Traveling takes a lot out of you, and I often find that I don’t stay as hydrated as I should and in turn my lips get chapped. This product is a life saver because it soothes my chapped lips while adding tint and shine! I own it in various colors because it really is the best.