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Lately Loving: LUSH

I’ve always been a fan of LUSH. Every now and again I would walk in to my local store, sniff e v e r y t h i n g, and grab a little treat. My go to had always been No Drought, their powdered dry shampoo. It smells like citrus and really works. It lasts forever because I’m not wasting so much of it with every application like a spray, and it doesn’t give my hair a weird texture.…

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Mom Jeans

Some how mothers always know best. It doesn’t matter what it is… they can tell which boys are trouble before you even start to suspect it, they always know how to take those mysterious stains out of your clothes, and they are always right when they say you’re wearing a littleeee too much makeup (i always hate that most). Moms were also really right about one thing in particular. Ages ago, before low rise jeans and jeggings, MOM JEANS were…

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Happy Music Monday

Happy Monday, y’all. It’s been a long week for sure and I really have been looking forward to this post. This week I’m featuring a few mellow tracks that have been some of my favorite jams lately. Enjoy! P.S. I saw Vetiver live and they were incredible. Honestly I think they’re better live than in their recordings, so if you have the chance, check them out!  …

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Travel BEAUTY Essentials

While my normal makeup routine isn’t very extensive (I truly don’t have the time or patience, but man I wish I did) it still requires too much “stuff” to lug around. So for short trips especially, I have consolidated my beauty routine into 6 simple items that are perfect for an everyday look and easy to carry around! No.1 Playsticks by Benefit Cosmetics  I’ve recently discovered this foundation, and let me tell you, it is a dream. It provides the…

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What’s Good, Jersey Shore?

My trip home for spring break was amazing. I got to see so much of my beautiful family and spend time in some of my favorite hometown hangouts. And while Phoenix is beautiful this time of year, (like 80 degrees, sunshine and pool time kinda beautiful) there is one thing I always miss: the shore. I was fortunate to have a beautiful 80 degree day at home (in March? that’s unheard of… probably something crazy going on with the environment…

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Music Monday

Music Monday is something very close to my heart that I would love to share. Each Monday, I exchange a song with one of my best friends. This could be anything from a current jam that we can’t seem to stop humming, or something that we feel is so special, so essential to our being that we just have to share it with each other. Honestly, it is probably my favorite mini tradition that I have started this year, and…

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Surprise! I’m Home!

I am so happy to be home this week for spring break! I’ve had a great semester so far but nothing makes me happier than being home. Of course I had to stop by some of my favorite local places for a bite to eat and the best mocha around. I stopped for daddy daughter brunch at Jack’s Cafe, just a bout the cutest little spot. Their menu is fantastic, featuring awesome stuffed french toast and classic Jersey favorites like…

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